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January 14, 2015
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ESS (Eye Safety Systems) is a company that specializes in protective
eyewear.  They are offering our team a discount on protective eyewear for use
around our robot and in the pit.  Brandon has been using ESS goggles for
airsoft and thought they would be excellent for FTC as well.  Their full-seal
goggles provide 6 times the protection of ANSI Z87.1-2010.
We are seeking sponsors for our 2015 rookie FRC
Our current sponsors are shown below on
this page.

We are a private team, not associated with any
particular school district or organization, so your help is
greatly appreciated!  It takes a lot to support our team
members as they design, build and program their
robots.  Each season we require new electronic
components and raw materials for construction.
2012-2013 (FTC) Sponsors:
Sponsorship can take many forms:  a monetary
donation, donation of building materials, or the use of a
space to set up our 12x12 foot practice field, to name a
few.  All sponsors, regardless of amount of donation,
are invited to any tournament at which we compete.  
We also offer to visit your organization and give a
demonstration of our robot and talk about FIRST!
To support our team and be our sponsor, please
contact our coach:  
We are happy to have Build-a-Bear Workshop as a sponsor for our 2012-2013
season.  BABW donated several bears to our team for us to use as a
fundraiser.  Each bear sports a limited edition Café Bot tiny tee.  
FRC Team 1444 has graciously provided material and
engineering support for the 2012-2013 season.  Please visit
their website at
One of our team members, Brandon, has donated his own
money to the purchase of components of the 2012-2013
Department of Physics at Washington University in St. Louis.  
He also maintains a tech blog on robotics, software, and
gaming.  Please visit his blog at
Café Bot is pleased to announce a new sponsor for our 2012-2013 season:  
The Channel Cats, FRC team 1094.  They have graciously offered to cover a
large part of our registration fee for the upcoming FTC World Championship.  
Thanks, Channel Cats!  This is a huge help for our team!  Please visit them on
the web at
2013-2014 (FTC) Sponsors:
We are very pleased to announce that we have SAIC as our
major sponsor for our 2013-2014 season!  We are very excited
about developing a relationship with SAIC, and are going to
work very hard to make them proud of us this year!

Please visit the SAIC website by clicking
Cafe Bot team members are pictured here with our main contact at SAIC.  Our
team gave SAIC employees a robot demonstration and a presentation on
FIRST, FTC and the history of our team.  SAIC presented us with a meerkat
statue that represents the importance of teamwork, responsibility and
We are very excited to have just received confirmation that
Nidec will be a sponsor for our 2013-2014 season!  We will
be visiting their offices to do a presentation on FIRST and
FTC along with a robot demo this month.  Watch for more
photos coming soon (mid-January).

Please visit the Nidec website by clicking
Archway Legal Services is one of our new sponsors for the
2013-2014 season!  We are so thankful for their support!  

Please visit their website by clicking
We are very happy to have Animeggroll as a team sponsor!!
All of our team members are huge Anime fans, and this St.
Louis Anime store is the best we've ever seen...and we've
seen a LOT of anime stores!!  :D  Come to our pit at the 2014
Championship for a chance to win items from this wonderful
shop!  Please visit their website and come out and see their
beautiful store.  Click
here to check out their site!
2015 FRC Sponsors:
We are incredibly proud to have NASA as a sponsor for our
2015 rookie FRC season!!  We received a grant from NASA
that covered registration costs for our rookie year.  Thank
you, NASA, for making our dream of starting out on our own
in FRC into a reality!

Visit the NASA Robotics Alliance homepage by clicking
We are very pleased to  have Nidec as a sponsor again, this
time for our rookie FRC season!  We are looking forward to
seeing them at the 2015 St. Louis FRC Regionals, and hope
to have an opportunity to share our FRC robot with them
before that!

here to visit the Nidec website.
Our team captain, Brandon, owns a popular blog named
"Mechakana."  His blog has gained him some cool
opportunities, including a request from Packt Publishing to
author a book for them entitled "Mastering LEAP Motion."
Brandon is using the proceeds from his new book to fund his
rookie FRC team.  Click
here to visit Brandon's blog.  To see
his book listing on Amazon.com, click