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November 16, 2013
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Brandon is 17 years old, and
this is his third year in FTC.  
Brandon is the captain of
team Cafe Bot.  He loves just
about everythingto do with
robots, computers and
programming.  Brandon is
also the captain of FRC
Team #1444, the Lightning
Lancers, and serves as the
leader of their software
division, as well.  

Brandon is interested in
pursuing a degree in
science/engineering, and
would love to go into
robotics.  In addition to the
FIRST robots, he is building
and programming a
quadruped and quadrotor of
his own design.  
Brandon is a developer for LEAP and the new LEAP Motion
device.  He is one of the first 1,000 developers selected for
this honor.

He is also an intern at Washington University, serving as a
programmer for the Dean of the Physics Department.

Brandon’s other interests include airsoft operations, Japanese
language and culture, MMORPG’s and his pet Chihuahua.

Please be sure to visit Brandon’s blog at
Brandon demonstrates his robot at a
2013 Junior FLL Expo
Brandon driving FRC Team 1444's
robot at the 2013 Missouri Regionals