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January 14, 2015
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Cappy, our mascot, enjoys a quiet moment at a bed-and-breakfast the
morning of our first Missouri State Championship!  (2/25/2012)
The TA11-M0CHA, from our 2011-2012 season.  This robot is excellent at
harvesting balls and then depositing them in crates.  It can also stack crates.  
It is extremely maneuverable and sports a holonomic drive.
The Manta, from our 2012-2013 season.  This robot was very good at
placing two rings at a time on the highest pegs on last season's "Ring It Up"
playing field.  It also featured a unique Typhoon Drive!
Our 2013-2014 Cafe Bot team
members pictured with their Block
Party robot, "Iron Will."
(from left to right:  Peter, Ethan and
The two-member 2012-2013 Cafe Bot
team won the prestigious INSPIRE
AWARD at the 2013 Missouri State
Championship!  (Tyler and Brandon)
Cafe Bot is a rookie FIRST
Robotics team that was
originally founded as a
FIRST Tech Challenge team
back in 2011.

FIRST stands for "
Inspiration and Recognition
Science and Technology."

The mission of FIRST is to
inspire young people to be
science and technology
leaders by engaging them in
exciting mentor-based
programs that build science,
engineering and technology
skills, that inspire innovation,
and that foster well-rounded
life capabilities including
communication and
leadership.  Please visit
www.usfirst.org to learn more
about this amazing program.

FRC stands for "FIRST
Robotics Competion."  FRC
is the highest level in the
FIRST progression of
programs.  In this
competition, high school
students are tasked with
designing, building and
programming a complex robot
that must complete an
ever-changing series of
tasks.  FRC teams have only
six weeks to complete their
robots, starting on the first
Saturday in January every
year.  This year's challenge
is "Recycle Rush."  Click
here for a link to a detailed
description of this year's
During our three years in FTC, we received over twenty
different awards and accolades, culmination in the 2014
FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship Inspire Award
(3rd place), the absolute highest award possible in the FTC
competition.  Shortly thereafter, we founded a new FIRST
Robotics Competition team of the same name, making the
2015 FRC season our first official competition season as an
FRC team.

Over the course of our history in the FIRST family of
programs, we've participated in many competitions and built a
variety of robotics systems.  Best known for our high
standards of industrial design, our robots are not only
high-performance, but also durable and unwavering in the
face of fierce competition.

As our name implies, our core values are rooted firmly in not
only learning and success, but also in promoting an
atmosphere where our students and mentors can get together
to discuss ideas and learn, much like a cafe.

Community is very important to Cafe Bot.  We participate in
many events throughout the year outside of competitions,
including public demonstrations of our robots at air shows,
practice competitions at public libraries and even visits to
members of our state and federal government.  We are proud
to be the official program coordinators for the
Championship International Exchange Program, which is a
special program that brings together teams from all over the
world so that they can work together to solve problems during
the FIRST World Championship.

An important part of being a Cafe Bot team member is to help
improve our community through outreach efforts.  
Please visit
our team blog (www.cafebot.org) for upcoming
opportunities to meet our team in the community!

We would love to demonstrate our robot and share our
knowledge of all things to do with FIRST with you or your
group!  Please visit our
"contact us" page to make

We are also actively seeking sponsors!  Please contact us if
you are interested, and we will tell you what we can do for you
in return.
Our 2013-2014 FTC team members at
win the Inspire Award (3rd place) at the
2014 FTC World Championship!
All three members are now
transitioning up to FRC with us.
Pictured above our six of our ten member team!  This photo was taken on the
day of the FRC Kickoff and 2015 Game Reveal on Jan. 3, 2015.  From left to
right:  Ethan, Brandon, Anya, Dylan, Aaron and Marshall.